Prayer of Confession June 11, 2017

We confess this day, O merciful God, we have not always acted in just ways nor sought justice for our friends and neighbors.  We have found it easy to turn our backs on problems rather than seeking to be a solution to them.  We have heard of the many ways in which you have demonstrated peace with justice through the ministries of your Son, yet we have given only sporadic attention to them.  Forgive us, Lord.  Heal our selfishness and brokenness.  Cause us to be witnesses to your great love as shown to us in Jesus Christ.  AMEN.

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Prayer of Confession June 4, 2017

Lord God, you know us too well.  You know that we would be like the disciples following the crucifixion and even the resurrection.  We would rather hide and mutter and weep, than proclaim the power of your love.  The world is a difficult place.  We fear so much.  We want people to like us, and so we hold back on our proclamation of our faith.  We don’t want to offend anyone.  But your love and presence are not offensive.  They are empowering and healing.  Bring your holy fire upon us this day to ignite a spark of joy in our hearts and our voices.  Bring the power of your rushing wind through our spirits that we may be turned in new directions for service and witness.  We pray this in Jesus’ Name.  AMEN.

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Prayer of Confession (John 20)

Merciful God, we don’t always recognize Christ, even when we are looking directly at your Incarnate Love.

We cling to our assumptions about how life on earth should unfold, forgetting that life in your realm shatters those expectations.

Forgive us when we go through our daily routine, forgetting to look for the Risen One.

Forgive us when coming to worship is more about seeing our friends than it is about encountering you and our Resurrected Lord.

Open our eyes and our hearts, O God, to the full awareness of your presence with us, in each and every moment of our lives.

We pray in the name of the Christ who is alive!

Alleluia and Amen.


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