prayer of confession

Prayer of Confession – July 23, 2017

It is said that confession is good for the soul, but there are times, O Lord, when we jut don’t want to confess, we don’t want to own up to the many ways in which we have failed to be your faithful disciples.  We have turned our backs on those in need.  We have sought after power and riches, believing that these things bring true happiness.  But you know us far too well.  You know what is within our hearts and our spirits.  You seek the very best for us that we might grow to be fruitful plants in your garden.  Be with us.  Forgive us when we have failed to love and treat others with respect and compassion.  Turn our hearts back toward you, who always reaches out to use offering healing and love.  These things we ask in Jesus’ Name.  AMEN.

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