prayer of confession

Prayer of Confession August 13, 2017

Lord, please forgive our weakness and our lack of trust in you.  We are like the disciples who, in the midst of fears and storms, could only tremble and wonder about the threatening events.  Even when Jesus called to the disciples, they shook with fear.  But Jesus offered words of encouragement.  Impulsive Peter asked Jesus to call to him and bid him to come out out of the boat.  Jesus complied and Peter stepped over the edge onto the waves – but fear claimed him again and he began to sink.  Many of us can identify with that moment when we let go of our faith and clutch onto our fears.  Help us to place our trust totally in you and your call to us.  You will guide and lift us to safety – that is the promise you have given to us and we believe it.  When our faith slips, scoop us up and bring us peace.  Be patient with us, for we are flawed and yet loved by you.  Give us strong hearts and willing spirits to be your disciples.  AMEN

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