Join Us for Breakfast and Study Saturday, February 4!

Join us for breakfast on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at 9:00 am!

United Baptist Christian Church
4800 Creek Road
Lewiston, NY 14092

Breakfast immediately followed by both a Men’s Bible Study and a Women’s Book Study.

Come and Enjoy!

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One thought on “Join Us for Breakfast and Study Saturday, February 4!”

  1. We had an awesome book study and Christian Fellowship this morning. We read about Naomi and her life, filled with sadness yet she remained faithful to God.
    Trying to understand and learn from the culture of Naomi’s time, we explored the ways in which we can apply her life lessons to our daily journey. It isn’t easy to overcome many of life’s toughest challenges and darkest times. We agreed that being in Christian community and constant prayer, relying of the love and grace of God, we will always strive to move forward in hope, letting go of darkness and keeping the light of hope always in our vision. Faith in our God who always keeps His promises, loves us unconditionally and never leaves our side (even when we think we are very alone) will guide us on each of our journey – side by side.
    Next month, March 4th, 9 a.m. – we will study Ruth. Much peace to you &please consider joining us!

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