Our Celebration Team

Praise and Worship Music Ministry

Our Celebration Team is a small group, with large hearts.  Our focus is to encourage participation in all of our musical expressions.  We do not separate “contemporary” from “traditional” worship, we simply blend our music into a joyful expression.  We present beloved hymns, well-known Praise Choruses, contemporary songs of Worship and we aim for a spirit of celebrating together on Sundays.  Our song selections are based on their being of sound scriptural foundation, appropriate for our style and setting and the ease with which our congregation can sing.

About Our Celebration Team

Our Worship Leader is Peter Green (sideguy17@gmail.com), a professional musician with nearly 45 years of Worship experience.  Our Worship Elder is percussionist and vocalist Gordy Goodearl, a long-standing member of UBCC.  The vocal team is comprised of Priscilla Carlson Eisaman, Bernadette Goodearl, Susan Stone and Shari Alderman.  Our Pastor, Vince Eisaman, guides and directs our efforts and assists on piano.  Our Technical Team is comprised of Visual Director Ben Sicoli and Audio Engineer AJ Goodearl.

How We Choose Our Music

We’d like to share how we select our Praise and Worship Music and what resources we use.  First of all, there is no single “source” that we obtain our songs from.  We listen to a wide range of Worship collectives – Hillsongs, Vineyard, Bethel Music, Passion, and various artists whose music we have an opportunity to hear.   Secondly, we discern the scriptural “soundness” of the song – is it biblically correct?  Does it reflect the values and beliefs of those who comprise our community?  There are a great many beautiful songs whose lyrics and message do not “fit” into a Church setting.  We don’t dismiss nor demean that music, but we want our service songs to be a sacrifice that we lift to the Lord in celebration of His love and place in our lives.

Other considerations include:  “Is our congregation able to sing this?” and “Can our Team play this and do the song justice?” Every member of our team suggests song ideas and resources, and we explore as many of them as we can.  Similar to pruning a tree in your garden, we prune and trim the song list to ensure we have songs that encourage participation and reflect our values.

Traditional hymns are a huge part of our Ministry as well.  Our “Celebration Team” doesn’t leave the platform when a hymn is played.   We embrace Hymns with the same passion and vigor as we do the most upbeat Praise tune.  While we also don’t play “every hymn in the book,” we enthusiastically join in as the chorus on the weekly hymns presented.

As a small group, we have limited means to recreate music but thanks to some technology and a great deal of heart, we are able to present a strong leadership for each song we use at our services.  Our focus is always on the strength of our vocal team – they are leading our congregation so that we are all of “one voice.”

Thankfully, our team is led by our Pastor, Vince.  He provides piano accompaniment to hymns and other parts of the service, and oversees our Ministry with a gentle hand and a spirit of trust.  This doesn’t mean we ‘run wild’, but more so we feel a sense of accountability to our Pastor and our Congregation.  We welcome critique and suggestions from our Church family.

And finally, sometimes we break into old favorites during greeting time, such as “I’ve got that Joy Joy Joy”, or we close the service with an upbeat country number like “I Saw the Light.” Church should be a joyful experience.  We are certain that those who walked with Jesus while He was on earth knew Him to be joyful and exuberant.  In lighter moments of our services, we love to celebrate our traditions and our own desire to celebrate the presence of Jesus and the faithful Authority of God in our lives.

We Invite You to Experience It

We hope you are blessed by our efforts as we seek to draw your voice into a chorus of joyful believers each Sunday.  We welcome song suggestions and your comments at any time, please feel free to speak with any of us. Our Sunday services begin at 10:30 am at 4800 Creek Road, Lewiston, NY.  Join Us!

Joining Our Celebration Team

For those who wish to join our Celebration Team, we would request that you have attended at least 75% of services for the prior three months, be an active member – or seeking membership – in our Church, and have some musical or vocal ability.  Meeting with the Pastor and Worship Leader is also required prior to joining.

For more information, contact Peter Green at 716-359-6170 (cell)

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